• Interior House Painting Planning and Preparing for Success

    Interior house painting fantasy: There are numerous commercials on TV that show people cheerfully rolling a beautiful paint color on the walls of their home as if that is all there is to it…open a can of paint, insert brush or roller and voila! your home looks like a Victorian mansion. Perfect straight lines, invisible paint strokes and no paint splatter anywhere…and they did it all in one day, while children play happily at their feet. If only that were the way house painting really worked!

    Interior house painting reality: There is a lot that goes into painting a house, so before you dive right in, you should do a bit of planning and preparation.

    Talk to a Reliable Paint Representative

    If you want to take on painting your house yourself then you should really talk to a paint representative at your local paint store. Most are happy to help you choose your supplies like caulk, sandpaper, tarps, buckets, tape, brushes, rollers, and plastic.

    They are also helpful at guiding you to the correct paint to use. There are different sheens and finishes that need to be considered. If you want a matte finish, you shouldn’t use a super high gloss paint on your interior walls. There are certain paints that work better for different areas of your home, and the paint rep should be able to help you choose the correct one.

    Interior Painting Quick Tip: You should never use oil-based paints on any surface that has been previously painted with latex paint, kitchen cabinets might be one example where this could happen. Keep this in mind when purchasing your paint, if you don’t, your paint will probably fail, and you will have wasted a ton of money.

    Choose the Right Paint for the Job

    As with most things, there are cheap paints and there are high-end paints, with regular somewhere in between. It’s not always necessary to use high-end paint with interior house painting, but cheap paint may not give you the lasting results that you hoped for.

    Exterior house painting choices are different. Because of the abuse the exterior of any house is subjected to season after season, a higher-end paint might be more expensive, but the paint job might last longer. It’s something to think about.

    Exterior House Painting Quick Tip: Most professional exterior house painting companies won’t give you a warranty unless you use a higher grade of paint. Plain and simple; cheap paints won’t last no matter if it’s interior painting or exterior painting. So, choose your paint wisely.

    Any paint store worth their salt will also be able to help you choose the right colors of paint. You may see this beautiful dining room on Pinterest that is painted a deep crimson and it is to die for. Don’t run out and pay big bucks for that particular color of paint until you have tested it out on YOUR walls. The types of walls and lighting can make paint look different. Your paint store should be able to make you up a sample to try out. This way you will know without a doubt if that particular color is what you were hoping for.

    Quick House Painting Tip: Remember, your paint store and its employees should be knowledgeable, so use them. If they can’t help, go somewhere else.

    Interior House Painting Roundup

    1. The paint you use and how well you apply it can determine the durability and look of your house.

    2. You should know that not all paints are the same. Some will peel in a few years, others in just a few months. The best paint for your house will depend on the conditions where you live and what you intend to do with it in the future. Talk to your paint store and get help.

    3. Be organized. Purchase everything that you will need right from the start as it will make your interior painting project easier.

    We hope this article helped you understand the importance of planning ahead and getting the right advice before starting a major interior house painting project. We have given you a few pointers on how to paint your house yourself; however, if the information we shared makes you feel overwhelmed, you may want to have a professional do your interior house painting for you. We are always happy to help. Contact us today!