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  • Your Exterior Paint Job Needs A Good Health Checkup

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    Winter is fast approaching and now is the time to give your home a thorough inspection to make sure your exterior painting job is architecturally solid and will withstand our Colorado and Denver metro area winter weather.

    Checking More Than Your Exterior Painting

    So, let’s say you look at your house and the paint color
    still looks solid to you so you think, “Paint color still looks pretty good and
    there is no peeling paint so we’re okay to go another year.” Well, as the two
    old sayings go, not so fast and think again.

    The exterior health of any home consists of more than just
    the paint and includes considering the current condition of all caulk, wood and
    siding, and even gutters.

    Caulk:  Caulk is a sealant that fills gaps and cracks. Your home is currently caulked around windows, doors, wood trim, and various other areas. Caulk prevents moist air, water and snow, even bugs from causing damage to wood and siding on your home. A Good Health Checkup will assess the current condition of all caulk. If the caulk is failing, cracking, or peeling it needs to be re-caulked and the exterior painted.

    Wood and Siding: Oftentimes wood and siding on your home is being negatively affected by weather and water and the negative effects are not easily seen. On the second story roof of a home or near the foundation line snow can pile up. As it melts, it can saturate wood and siding if the exterior paint is beginning to fail. Heavy rainfall will also penetrate wood and siding if the exterior painting is beginning to fail. Whether from snow or rain, any water compromising the wood or siding of your exterior can cause problems down the road such as wood replacement and siding replacement.

    Gutters: If gutters are clogged the free flow of water to the downspouts are affected. If water does not flow to the downspouts to be expelled it will pool in the gutters. Water that overflows or seeps from the gutters will cause damage to wood soffits and wood fascia. This is very common, and I’ve seen it a lot over the years. As part of your home’s Good Health Checkup, contact a gutter cleaning company and have them inspect your gutters. The inspection should be free and will tell you if you have a problem.

    Here in Colorado, and with the Denver metro area being close to the mountains, we face weather extremes like few other states. Other weather-related factors that people seldom consider but that will also affect your home’s exterior painting are high temperatures, direct sunlight, lack of sunlight, and direction of exposure such as north, south, east, or west.

    Free Home Exterior Good Health Checkup

    TSP offers free Good Health Checkups for the exterior of your home so call before winter is upon us. We want to make sure your home is in Good Health! https://tsppaintingservices.com//contact-us/