Popcorn ceiling removal and texture.
Popcorn ceiling removal is quite common on older homes. Popcorn ceilings were popular in the 70’s and 80’s as a cheap, fast finish because the home builder could use the popcorn to mask imperfections in the drywall and also because popcorn ceilings did not have to be painted.

Why Do Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

Popcorn ceiling removal is the only option to remove this very dated look. Popcorn ceilings are notorious as a collecting point for dust, dirt and germs that circulate with the air through any home or interior space. It is generally agreed that the best thing to do with popcorn is remove it entirely both for aesthetic appearance, health and hygiene reasons.

TSP Painting Services professional painters have fully removed the popcorn and re-floated the ceiling beneath to a smooth pleasing finish on numerous homes. Unanimously, homeowners are thrilled by the professionalism that characterizes TSP Painting Services and by the beautiful appearance of their new ceilings.

Joe H. I had all the popcorn texture removed from my ceilings and the ceilings and walls painted by TSP Painting Services. These guys are the best! I was really impressed by their expertise and professionalism.

Insured. TSP Painting Services carries both General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation. As an added protection, we require our crews to carry their own liability insurance as well.

Call today for a free estimate and consultation about popcorn ceiling removal. A beautiful new ceiling may be just a phone call away.